Zahia - Merrylands

"Ev Ben Reddy asked us to pray for Backsliders. I was praying for my brother Anthony as he has been addicted to drugs since he was 14 yrs old, he is now 40. 

I was praying for his salvation at the altar, I returned back to my seat and my phone started to ring, usually my phone is on silent, but that morning it wasn't. My brother Anthony was calling me. 

My brother was on holidays at the time with his wife and children at the Gold Coast.  He said "Zahia , I need to go to church, I need to change, I'm always angry."  I told him "GOD loves you and wants to save you." My brother is a backslider. He said to me "stop it, I'm going to cry." He said he had to go. 

It was a miracle for my brother to even call me to say he wants to come to church.  My brother never responds to my calls or messages. He calls me the preacher and avoids having any communication with me. For Anthony to reach out that morning, I believe GOD touched his heart as I was praying for him on the altar."